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When we talk about 1 hour tooth whitening we are really discussing laser, zoom or power whitening as it more commonly known.

In the last five to seven years 1 hour tooth whitening has become very popular as it is so simple and has a high success rate associated with it.

Previously the only other option was the bleaching trays which have more practical challenges attached to them. These practical challenges include having to sleep in the pre-made bleaching trays for between ten and fourteen consecutive nights. Now having something in your mouth for this amount of time can be uncomfortable and also has the potential to ruin your nights sleep!

Another practical challenge with the bleaching trays is the build-up of tooth sensitivity which has an accumulative effect because of the regularity the trays have to be used. Now when something like sensitivity occurs we are likely to stop using the trays and this could be only six to seven days in to the program which means they get stopped from being used and therefore the whitening benefit is weakened.

Lastly with any teeth whitening you need to be very disciplined about what you consume during this time period as the teeth are very porous. This means avoiding things like coffee, tea, red wine, smoking (if you smoke!) and just about anything that could easily re-stain the teeth. Now with 1 hour tooth whitening you need to be careful for forty eight to seventy two hours but with the bleaching trays this needs to be done for fourteen to sixteen days as this is the total process for whitening with the trays.

With 1 hour tooth whitening it does what is says on the tin and whitens the teeth in just session and one hour and require you to be careful for just a few days afterwards.

Now you can still get sensitivity with 1 hour tooth whitening but it is unlikely to affect the outcome of the treatment and therefore the teeth will go whiter and some short term sensitivity might be felt on the following few days. Many people however do not get any pain or sensitivity.

Because of the above reasons and the practical considerations of just walking in and walking out an hour later with considerably whiter teeth and people like this because the results are instant.

Whitening increases self confidence and makes the smile for warming to anyone you meet and can help to make you look younger in age.

The process is similar to many other systems of whitening but the light or lamp will apply heat in to the whitening gel which removes the stains in an hour. This light or lamp combined with the gel works to extract the stains being held in the enamel of the teeth. Once removed the enamel reflects the light easier and this then makes the teeth whiter in appearance.

In years to come technology is likely to bring down the time further but currently just one hour is pretty good for an amazing difference.

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1 Hour Tooth Whitening

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This article was published on 2011/07/25