High Tech Options for Whiter and Straighter Teeth

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For many people, dental discoloration, or teeth that are out of align, can cause embarrassment or even anti-social behaviour. Many of those who suffer from these conditions smile less, lower their heads when speaking, or refuse to speak at all at times. None of these actions are good for a person's self-esteem and other people may take these actions the wrong way. There is good news, however, tooth whitening can bring back a sparkling smile and Invisalign treatments can straighten teeth without the use of metal braces.

In terms of tooth whitening: this is a process that effectively removes stains and discolouration using a bleaching process to make them look whiter. There are several options available, depending on the level of staining and discolouration. For heavy stains, a scale and polish procedure can do wonders. For others, there are two major types of tooth whitening procedures in use today.

The first option for tooth whitening is laser treatments and the second option is professional home tooth whitening kits that users apply at themselves at home. Each of these procedures works by using a bleaching process. The bleaching agent is a peroxide-based get that can vary in strength from 3 percent to 30 percent peroxide. The higher the percentage, the stronger the gel. It is important to use the proper level of strength as higher concentrations may cause sensitivity issues to gums and lips.

Laser tooth whitening, which is sometimes known as in-surgery whitening, occurs at a dental clinic. The teeth undergo a light-activated bleaching, hence the name laser. This procedure may take an hour or two to complete, but the results are immediate. Many of those who undergo this procedure will continue with a home tooth whitening regime to maintain results.

For those who wish to use a home tooth whitening kit, professional kits are available and recommended. These kits will provide last results over a long period of time but the results are not immediate. This is why most people prefer the start with a laser procedure and the follow through with a tooth whitening kit regime.

In the past, straightening teeth often required metal braces. Today, many people can avoid that unsightly and painful treatment and opt for Invisalign treatments instead. Invisalign is used for straightening crooked teeth and can also be used for closing gaps between teeth. Invisalign takes advantages of the latest in computerised technology and three-dimensional modelling to generate a series of clear, see-through aligners or "clear braces". For the most part, these aligners are unnoticeable, and have been referred to by many users as "invisible braces". The aligners are custom fabricated to fit your teeth exactly. Over time, they gently move your teeth into a position that gives you a natural-looking, straight smile.

Is Invisalign treatments right for you? Many Invisalign-certified dentists or orthodontists offer a free initial consultation so that they can assess your problem. They will discuss the treatment with you, as well as explain the estimated costs and treatment time. Visiting with one of these professionals is the only way to know if Invisalign is the best option for you.

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Learn more on how you can achieve a great smile through tooth whitening procedures and Invisalign treatments that can straighten crooked teeth without the need for metal braces.

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High Tech Options for Whiter and Straighter Teeth

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High Tech Options for Whiter and Straighter Teeth

This article was published on 2012/01/30