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Tooth whitening is probably the most popular of all cosmetic dental procedures. While there are many methods to whiten teeth at home, such as whitening trays and brushes, professional whitening methods are known to be more effective.

Professional tooth whitening primarily concerns the use of a bleaching gel and a kind of laser to activate the gel. Treatments last from 45 minutes to an hour, and the effects are dramatic.

A typical in-office whitening treatment would begin with the dentist examining your teeth and gums to check on your oral health. The dentist would then proceed to carefully isolate your mouth and gums from your teeth and then apply the gel on it. Once the gel is applied, it is exposed to a special laser for a fixed period of timethree 15-minute phases for some brands and one straight hour for others. The laser activates the gel, which then breaks down dirt and stain that discolors your teeth.

The procedure is generally considered safe, a Chicago teeth whitening office, because the typical gels main ingredient is less potent than usual hydrogen peroxide. A patient may feel a blunt sort of pain after the treatment, but the pain in most cases does not intensify or last long, although it also depends on inherent tooth sensitivity. This means too that it would help not to eat or drink anything that is either too hot or too cold a few hours after treatment.

The effects of the treatment vary depending on the brand of gel and laser used and the patients dental hygiene but the usual range is about one year. Many clinics or offices like those in Chicago teeth whitening use top of the line brands like to make sure that the treatment will provide maximum results.

These brands can whiten teeth for up to eight shades. But as the Chicago teeth whitening offices that use them say, the effects are on a case to case basis. Factors include your teeths chemistry or how it would react to the gel and laser and the color of your teeth before treatment. Most leading whitening experts opt to provide their patients with natural white teeth.
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In-office Tooth Whitening

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This article was published on 2011/01/21