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This is the million dollar question that everyone wants to answer but sometimes is difficult because there are many factors that affect the potential answer and here we look at some of them in detail.

When we enter in to something new we want the cheapest price, best results, quickest timescale and this is true when we talk about teeth whitening. The trouble is the teeth as it is much more difficult to compare something with as many variable attributes as the teeth to comparing something like a new mobile phone that has hit the market.

The mobile is easy and every single model is the same as they are manufactured to be that way but the teeth are somewhat more complicated. So what are the details that effect the most effective tooth whitening system:


Well this is a major consideration as you tend to pay for what you get and this is very true for teeth whitening. Pay 30 for a home kit is less likely to work as well as a 600 zoom whitening treatment. It is common sense but we are natural skeptics and therefore looking to save money and find the catch. In whitening it rarely exists and you pay for what you get.

Deep Stains

If you have accumulated very deep stains in the teeth then you will probably require a higher strength, more sustained approach the whitening process. Again to my previous point paying a few pounds for a kit and then finding it does not work is not going to help you find the most effective whitening system. But you are not necessarily going to know that if you are new to tooth whitening!

Will I Get Sensitivity?

Any teeth whitening system can make the teeth sensitive for a while but it does go away after a few days. The higher powered more professional kits are more likely to give you more sensitivity than the weaker home kits but then you are going to end with whiter teeth!

How Long Will It Last?

This really has little to do with the most effective whitening system but more to do with how porous you teeth are, how much more staining components you consume after whitening etc. Once the teeth are whiter then it is down to you to keep them white and that is when the home kits are useful as a sort of management staining removal tool!

Laser or Tray based?

This will depend on a few things but really here time is the key. If you want to sleep in the trays for fourteen consecutive nights then go for the trays but I am not sure if personally my sleep would be affected by doing this. Another option is the laser whitening system which will whiten the teeth in just one hours treatment time and in one session.


There are lots to consider here but it is best to speak to your dentist first and see what they suggest. Just be careful the dentist is not trying to push you down a road because they offer the advised method!

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Most Effective Tooth Whitening

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This article was published on 2011/07/26